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Welcome to RockyRail South

What is RockyRail South?

Rocky Rail South is the name adopted by the Operations Group of Model Railroaders in the Southern Colorado area. A group dedicated to the realistic operations of model railroads as well as fellowship between rail fans and model railroaders. Rocky Rail is a round-robin group of model railroaders helping to plan, build and operate model railroads from all areas and eras.

Currently, our group consists of nine operating railroads and one railroad under construction. We have operating sessions just about every weekend and invite new operators to join the fun of Model Railroad Operations – check the calendar for our next session. Please feel free to register with the Division for your area if you wish to sign up for sessions. Our operating etiquette is that new comers should contact the layout owner or have a current operator invite him, with approval from the owner. If you do not know any current operators in the division that you would like to operate, contact the administrator below.

To register as a user, contact Rocky Rail South administrator, John Denny at

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